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Horse Riding and Wine Tasting

Horse Riding with Wine tasting


Have you ever imagined riding a beautiful horse through the Napa Valley Vineyard? Would not you like to get together with your beloved lover and family and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Napa Valley Vineyards and wine tasting?


Enjoying the beauty of Napa Valley's surrounding landscape and wine from nearby vineyards will make you feel like a pleasant journey. Our Grafin Napa Valley Wine Tours ( takes you to a place where you can experience fantastic vineyards and horseback riding.


Experience the Napa Valley from the original rancher’s perspective - riding through the vineyards on horseback! The horse riding and wine tasting for 30 minutes or an hour will have a truly fantastic break. Wine tasting, tea, fruit, nuts and more. Give me a call today, thank you. 

707-287-8209 (Nataliya)
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Horse Riding with Wine tasting in Napa Valley CA
Horse Riding with Wine tasting in Napa Valley CA

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Horse Back Riding​ & Wine Tasting in Napa CA | Grafin Napa Valley Wine Tours San Francisco Tour Guide Transportation

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